Curriculum Information                  

At Claybrooke Primary School we are using the new National Curriculum to teach English and Maths.  We have introduced the Cornerstones Curriculum to teach other subject areas.

"Written specifically for the new National Curriculum, Cornerstones provides a thematic and creative approach to learning with the flexibility to create an entirely bespoke curriculum.  Their ILPs are flexible, thematic and suitable for both mixed and single age classes."

The Cornerstones Curriculum provides lots of learning challenges requiring children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their understanding and knowledge effectively across the curriculum.


How does it work? Cornerstones Education

Each Imaginative Learning Project is split into sections, which see children progress through four stages of learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express.  To find out more about these stages please visit the Cornerstones website.


We follow the Government programme, Letters and Sounds, to teach phonics, using a variety of resources to support our teaching.  As the children progress through the school weekly spellings are sent home.

phonics letters and sounds


We use the Oxford Reading Tree as the core reading scheme, supplemented by other books at appropriate levels.  As the children progress with their reading a wider range of books is available to them.

Top 100 books to read before leaving Primary School