Claybrooke Primary School

Meet the PTA

Introducing members of the PTA Committee - putting a face to the name, making it easier for you to approach us in the playground.


Please check back soon for the details of our new PTA team


Hi, I'm Claire Brunt and I have been PTA treasurer for 4 years. I have two children, Lucas 11 and Lachlan in Year 4. I have lived in Claybrooke Magna for the last 8 years and have always lived somewhere in Leicestershire.

The treasurer’s role is to keep the finances of the PTA in good order. At PTA functions it is the Treasurers duty to issue floats and cash up at the end of the event. An annual report is submitted at every AGM and, in addition, interim reports are given at every meeting.




Hello, I'm Faye and I am the Secretary  for the PTA.

I live in Claybrooke Magna and have four children. Harry, and Bobby who both attend Claybrooke Primary School and  Emily, 15 and Daniel, 18.

My PTA duties involve taking and writing up the minutes at the meetings, co-ordinating between the other committee members, making and distributing flyers plus other duties that, as a committee, we all share.