Claybrooke Primary School





Claybrooke Primary School is a member of Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust. This means that the Trust is the admissions authority; however, the Trust delegates admission decisions to each of its school's local governing body. 


Claybrooke Primary School serves the parishes of Claybrooke Parva and Claybrooke Magna as outlined in the catchment area map. (Appendix A Admissions Policy)


In formulating our admissions policy, the school has consulted with Leicester Diocesan Board of Education, local academies, Leicestershire County Council and the required governing bodies of community and voluntary controlled schools for which the Local Authority is the admission authority.


If you are considering applying for a place for your child at our school, please see the relevant arrangements below.




Applications for first time admissions should be made via Leicestershire County Council's website using their online portal which can be found here:

Everyone must apply for a school place, there is no automatic entry for any school. Before you apply through the portal for a school place in August 2023, please make sure the following applies:

  • You live in Leicestershire (other authorities will have their own online portal).
  • Your child is eligible to start primary school in August 2022 (born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019 inclusive).

The closing date for applications is 15 January 2023. After this date, any applications are considered as 'late applications'. Offers will be notified by Leicestershire County Council on the national offer day of April 17 2023.




If your application for admission is unsuccessful, you have the right to appeal the decision. Our appeals are administered by the Leicester Diocesan Board of Education, an independent appeals service ensuring appeal hearings are held fairly, equally and within the law. The appeal form and completion notes can be found here:


The appeal lodged / hearing (provisional) dates for this academic year are as follows:

• 01 September 2022 / 23 September 2022
• 29 September 2022 / 3 October 2022
• 27 October 2022 / 10 November 2022
• 24 November 2022 / 8 December 2022
• 15 December 2022 / 19 January 2023
• 26 January 2023 / 09 February 2023
• 02 March 2023 / 16 March 2023
• 30 March 2023 / 27 April 2023
• 11 May 2023 / 25 May 2023
• 16 May 2023 / 05, 07, 09, 12 June 2023
• 15 June 2023 / 29 June 2023
• 20 June 2022
• 21 June 2022
• 30 June 2022




If you are thinking of moving your child(ren) to our school, please call us on 01455 209238 or email us at to enquire if we have places available in the relevant year group(s).  We will offer you a tour of the school with a representative from our leadership team. 


Mid term applications for 2022/23 should be made on the form below which should be completed and emailed to You will be notified of the admission decision within 10 school days. If applicable, you will also be notified of the appeal procedure (see Admissions Appeals above).