Claybrooke Primary School


We use the 'SCARF' (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) scheme by Coram Life Education. This is divided into the following topics:


  • Me and My Relationships

  • Valuing Difference

  • Keeping Myself Safe

  • Rights and Responsibilities

  • Being My Best

  • Growing and Changing


We also cover anti bullying and E-safety as separate sessions set at the appropriate levels.


Assemblies are delivered every day, covering elements of current topics in the news or celebrations. In addition, the teaching of the core British Values and School Rules outline how these are exemplified in our own school values. Stand alone sessions in light of different circumstances or situations are also carried out, relating to the specific needs of the children as we go through the year.


We have consulted stakeholders on our proposed approach to delivering the new Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE) for the summer term 2021 onwards. Our draft policy is below.

Children's Mental Health Week KS2 Resource

We are supporting Children’s Mental Health Week  with lots of activities to promote the children’s wellbeing. The theme this year is Let’s Connect and is focussed on making meaningful connections for all. On Friday 10th February your child is invited to take part in ‘Wear your Scarf to School Day’ and may wish to share with their class why their scarf is important to them using the following ideas: 

  • SAFETY - some scarves will be warm and comforting, helping to keep someone snug and safe in very cold weather!

  • CARING - some scarves might have been a present from a special person; they'll help make someone feel cared for. Wearing a scarf as part of religious faith can also help someone to feel cared for. 

  • ACHIEVEMENT - some scarves might be part of a club, perhaps a sports team. These are waved when a club achieves (e.g. when a football team scores a goal!) They also show when someone belongs to something.

  • RESILIENCE - a football team's scarf can also help someone to remember that they can still support a team even if it's not doing well; they can show resilience when bouncing back from defeat or disappointment.

  • FRIENDSHIP - maybe some scarves were a gift from a friend and this makes them extra special.