Claybrooke Primary School

Uniform Information

At Claybrooke Primary School we believe that a school uniform is important because it:

  • looks smart

  • contributes to a sense of belonging

  • gives a common purpose

  • fosters a feeling of pride


All children are requested to wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain an acceptable standard of clean and tidy dress in school. It is readily available and inexpensive.


Our school uniform comprises:

  • Red cardigan or sweatshirt with school logo (or plain red with no logos)

  • Plain white shirt or white/red polo shirt

  • Grey or black trousers/ plain leggings

  • Grey or black skirt

  • Waterproof outdoor coat

  • Sensible flat or low-heeled black shoes, trainers or boots (no open-toed sandals).


Variations for summer wear are: 

  • Grey or black shorts

  • Red/white checked dress


PE Kit

For health and safety reasons, it is essential that children are dressed appropriately for any physical activity. Our PE kit is:


  • Plain red or white T-Shirt or school PE top (with logo)

  • Plain black shorts

  • Plimsolls for playground games/hall use

  • Trainers for outdoor games on the field

  • In Winter: Plain grey/black tracksuit or sweatshirt/leggings


PE kit should be kept in a named bag. The kit should be brought into school on Monday morning and kept in school all week; it can be taken home at weekends and the end of term to be washed. 



Children who go swimming need a towel and swimming trunks or one-piece costume (no bikinis), carried in a waterproof bag. All children require a swimming hat which can be purchased from the school office.



For safety reasons, children are not permitted to wear jewellery in school (a sensible watch is allowed).  


All jewellery should be removed for PE.  Earrings should be small studs ones which children can easily remove themselves. Adults are not allowed to help.


If a child needs to wear a piece of jewellery for medical or religious reasons that cannot be removed it must be covered up by the child, using their own plasters, during physical activity.


Extra-curricular activities/clubs

For some extra-curricular activities special kit such as shin-pads/football boots may be required.


Representing the school in sporting activities

All children in KS2 will be expected to wear school PE kit when representing the school in matches/tournaments etc.


Parents should label all items of clothing clearly with their child’s name.


All uniform is available via an order form from the school office.