Claybrooke Primary School


We believe that mathematics should be fun and rewarding for all children. As such we strive to make our work in mathematics engaging for all learners.  In Mathematics we support and enable our pupils to become fluent in all areas of the subject, so that they can reason mathematically and solve problems.


Our curriculum is mapped by the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work, using their resources, amongst others, to ensure full coverage of the curriculum for each year group.  We focus on specific mathematical skills in discrete lessons each day to ensure that children develop and deepen their understanding and skills at an age appropriate level. We focus on a progression from concrete resources, to pictorial representations and finally into the numerical abstract to aid children’s conceptual understanding. 


Lessons begin with a series of questions that draw from previous learning to ensure that prior knowledge is constantly being revisited; often this is from the ‘Flashback Four’ from the White Rose Framework.


We adopt a mastery approach to teaching mathematics that supports children to reach age related expectations and provides additional challenge to enable children to deepen their understanding of mathematical processes and principles.  Our lessons create opportunities for teachers to constantly assess the progress of their pupils, providing support or additional challenge for those that need it. This means that pupils move along together without widening learning gaps.


‘Times Table Rockstars’ is used from Y2 to Y6 to support the instant recall of times tables facts with children being set competitions between schools.  This is further supported by the use of X Factor Maths from Y2 to Y6 on a weekly basis. Our school takes part in trust-wide times tables competitions; Year 4 are the reigning champions!


We also recognise that mathematics is an interconnected subject and look to provide opportunities for children to make links to, apply and develop their mathematical learning within other areas of the curriculum.

Every year, all Year 4 children in the country take a 'Multiplication Tables Check'. We have provided information and resources to help parents and carers support children to be successful with this; please see the documents above for more information.