Claybrooke Primary School


We intend for our PE curriculum to be inclusive for all. We aim to provide high quality teaching to achieve physically literate pupils, who are motivated and challenged both physically and mentally. At Claybrooke, we aim to have a curriculum that focuses on children mastering both the physical and theoretical aspects of Physical Education. This will ensure the children have the knowledge and ability to live a healthy and active lifestyle. By the time children finish Year Six, we hope that they enjoy collaborating, competing and communicating with each other, as well as mastered the physical fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination. 


We have recently adopted the Real PE scheme to deliver high quality teaching, and implement the development of the fundamental movement skills; rules, strategies and tactics; and healthy competitive participation. Children will access these lessons for 1 hour, twice a week and will be encouraged to be active for at least 30 minutes a day. 

Teachers are able to adjust their lessons to the needs of the children, whilst reaching the expectations and ambitions of the curriculum. Our curriculum is sequenced so that the children are able to build on previously learnt skills, to develop them further. 

Meticulous planning in the Early Years of Learning (EYFS) ensures that the children are understanding and developing their knowledge of leading happy, healthy and active lives. 

Teachers are provided with continuous CPD to aid their knowledge and expertise within PE. They are able to address misconceptions, as well as provide efficient modelling of movements.


At Claybrooke, we compliment our PE lessons with other physical activity and well-being opportunities. We are a partner school with the South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership (SLSSP), who organise a range of competitions, events and interventions. We regularly participate in inter-school competitions, which gives the children the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills. 


We take the children on trips out of school to cover the Outdoor and Adventurous (OAA) aspect of the curriculum, including a residential visit in Years 5/6. We also use our extensive school grounds, ‘The Spinney’.


We have trained ‘Sporting Ambassadors’ in school, Year 5/6 children who organise and lead lunchtime activities and assist in running sporting events, such as sports day.