Claybrooke Primary School

Late/Absence Procedures

At Claybrooke Primary School, we value parental support with children's attendance and punctuality. We know that time out of school adversely affects children's progress and achievement.


The children can come into school from 8.45am each day but should all be seated and ready to start their first task by 8.55am every day. Any child arriving after this time should go directly to the office and will be marked as late in the register. Please note that gates will be locked at 8.55am and access will be through the main pedestrian gate using the buzzer. Any lates will be recorded by the office. If children are late for school, they often miss out on important work and instructions for the day.


If your child is ill on a school day, please phone the office to inform us and each day of absence following. Please avoid arranging medical appointments during school time as much as practically possible. 


Please book holidays during school holiday times. All absences for holidays during term time will be recorded as 'unauthorised' and we may inform the Local Authority who will issue fines. There may be exceptional circumstances where a fine would not be appropriate. Please contact school if you are planning any time out of school for your children during term time. 


Our Education Welfare Officer closely monitors punctuality as well as attendance.