Claybrooke Primary School


Writing in Key Stage 1 and 2

New English Curriculum launching in Autumn 2023.


Our Writing curriculum at Claybrooke Primary School is taught using ‘Curriculum by Unity Partnership’ (CUSP). CUSP is an ambitious research and evidence based approach which is built around the belief that every child should be taught the key skills and techniques to be able to communicate effectively in their writing. Our curriculum is carefully structured to ensure pupils build upon prior knowledge to master writing and develop their ideas.

Expert subject knowledge is carefully woven into each Writing unit, giving teachers the opportunity to teach and rehearse key knowledge and skills before children then apply this learning to meaningful, extended pieces of writing. This careful architecture of the curriculum ensures pupils revisit different writing genres twice in each year, to maximise the opportunities for progression and consolidate their skills, so they become writers for life. Within the CUSP curriculum, punctuation and grammar is taught both directly and discretely enabling children to see how it is embedded in example texts and then given the opportunity to apply this to their own writing.





Our Reading and Writing curriculum