Claybrooke Primary School


Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust (IPAT)

Claybrooke Primary School is an academy within Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust. The Trust Board of Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust is accountable in law for all decisions about its academies. For more information about the Trustees and documents relating to the Trust, please follow this link - IPAT


The Trust Board delegates responsibility for aspects of governance to local governing bodies. The Local Governing Body of Claybrooke Primary School has now been established in conjunction with Dunton Bassett Primary School to reflect the joint headship role across both schools. Our Local Governing Body has a strategic role in ensuring the both schools achieve good outcomes for our pupils and that they are compliant with statutory and Trust policies and procedures. 


The Local Governing Body is:

Hugo Venter - Parent Governor (Claybrooke) - Chair of Governors

Jan Butcher - Co-opted Governor 

Elizabeth Hill - Parent Governor (Dunton Bassett)

Luke Demery - Parent Governor (Claybrooke)

Estia Fawbert - Parent Governor (Claybrooke)

Debbie Newman - Staff Governor (Dunton Bassett) 

Caroline Chick - Staff Governor (Claybrooke)

Gordon Grimes - Clerk to Governing Body


Also in attendance:


Emma Darragh - Executive Principal Claybrooke Primary School

Adam Watson - Executive Principle, Dunton Bassett Primary School

Paul Rock - Head of School. Claybrooke Primary School